The League Rules for the 2016-17 season are shown below.


      1. The Yorkshire League is an inter-clubs competition run by the Yorkshire Squash and Racketball Association (YSRA).
      2. Clubs must be located within the Yorkshire boundary. All participating clubs and players must be affiliated to England Squash and Racketball (ESR).
      3. Teams consist of five players. Participating clubs can enter as many teams as they wish.
      4. The League will consist of a Premier division and as many other divisions as there are teams available. Each division will normally consist of between 10 and 12 teams.
      5. The League season will normally run from September to April. Each team will play every other team in their division twice, once home and once away.
      6. A team entry fee of £60 must be paid before the first round of fixtures.

Match management

The calendar of fixtures will be set by the Secretary in advance of the season based on information provided by clubs, and will be on the YSRA web site well before the start of the season.

      1. Where a club enters more than one team in the league, the top two teams shall, as far as possible, play on the same night.
      2. Premier division matches shall take place on Wednesday nights.
      3. Matches will normally commence at 7.30 pm. The home club must ensure that adequate court time is available for the completion of the match.
      4. All matches must be completed on the day of the fixture and must be played entirely on the courts of the home club.
      5. All matches allocated for the first half of the season must be played by the end of the first half. Doubling up of matches from the first half to the second half is not permissible. All matches must have been completed and the results received by the end of April.
      6. Matches should not be rearranged unless it is unavoidable, and clubs are not obliged to accept requests to rearrange. The rearranged matches should be played as soon as possible after the original fixture. The Secretary should be informed, and will update the fixture list on the web site accordingly.
      7. Where a club fails to honour a fixture, it shall be penalised 20 points and the offended club shall be awarded 20 points. The offending club will pay a £50 fine as out of pocket expenses to the offended club. A second offence or failure to pay will mean automatic relegation or expulsion from the League.
      8. Three players from each team must arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the match, and the other two players within 30 minutes of the start time. Ties will be forfeited by players who do not meet this requirement, unless the two captains have agreed to the contrary. If a player has failed to turn up within 10 minutes after the rest of the match has finished, the team shall be deemed to have played out of order (if applicable).
      9. Each team will play in order of merit, as set out in the squad list submitted at the start of the season. The order of play is 3,5,1,4,2 unless otherwise agreed.
      10. All matches must be marked. Premier division matches must be marked by an ESR qualified official, appointed by the Yorkshire Referees Society. The fees for referees are £30 per home match for the season and this should be paid in advance to YSRA. In the other divisions, the home team is responsible for providing markers, unless otherwise agreed.
      11. All ties will be the best of five games. The point-a-rally (PAR) system to 11 will be used in each division. From 10 all, two clear points are required to win the game. Each game won counts one point, and the team winning the match gets 5 bonus points in addition. Any winning team which does not field five players shall not be entitled to any bonus points.
      12. Match results shall be submitted by the home team via the web site within 72 hours of the games being completed. Clubs will be penalised five points for failing to comply with this limit.
      13. The rules of play shall be those laid down by England Squash and the ball to be used will be the Dunlop Pro double yellow spot.
      14. The home team is responsible for providing refreshments and hospitality after the match. As a matter of courtesy, the away team captain is responsible for informing the home team captain if any of the away team will not be staying after the match.

Qualification of players

      1. In advance of the first fixture, each club will submit a list of each team squad on the league results web site, in merit order, including their England Squash membership number. The playing order must be adhered to throughout the season, though renominations are permissible at the Christmas break (and, exceptionally, at other times with the permission of the secretary). No player can appear in more than one squad.
      2. Players can substitute for a higher team at the lowest available position in that team. Players can only substitute for a total of five times during the season.
      3. Teams including one or more substitutes must still play in merit order.
      4. In every match, each team must have a minimum of two players who are eligible to play for Yorkshire in the Inter-County Championships or reside in Yorkshire. Teams in the Premier Division are only able to play a maximum of 7 non-Yorkshire qualified or resident players per season. Of these, only 4 can have a current men’s PSA World ranking.
      5. Teams may register new players until the Christmas break and they must have played a game before this date to be eligible to play for the rest of the season (unless there are exceptional circumstances, and with permission of the League Secretary).

Promotion, relegation and trophies

      1. Promotion and relegation shall normally be one up and one down between the Premier league and Division 1, and two up and two down between all other divisions. It will be decided by the number of points won by teams during the season. If two teams are level on points, the aggregate of points in the matches played between the two teams will decide. Should this be the same, there shall be a playoff match at a neutral venue, unless agreed otherwise by the two captains.
      2. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each division, and presented at the YSRA AGM or another suitable event. It is the responsibility of the winning club to have the trophy engraved and return it prior to the event.

Exemptions and disputes

      1. If, because of special circumstances, any club or team wishes to apply for a variation or exemption to any of the rules above, or has a dispute with another club/team which cannot be resolved by negotiation between the two parties, details shall be submitted in writing or by email to the League Secretary for a decision. If the decision is appealed, the appeal shall be considered by the YSRA Committee or a sub-committee set up for this purpose.

Alterations to the Yorkshire League Format and Rules

      1. Changes to the Yorkshire League Format and Rules shall be agreed by the YSRA AGM where practical, or at the discretion of the committee when required.


Marc Thomas, Yorkshire League Secretary

September, 2016