Women’s Premier Inter-county Finals

Yorkshire ladies were in action at the weekend, as runners up last season and unfortunately without Fiona Moverley who was unavailable.  

The team met Leicestershire to start with and were narrowly beaten 3-2.
Katie Smith lost to Lily Taylor 1-3
Charlotte Jagger lost to Mari Taylor 1-3
Lauren Gray lost to Rachel Calver  2-3
Andrea Santamaria beat Leanne Herbert  3-1
Grace Clark beat Charlotte Fish 3-1

The ladies then faced Gloucestershire in the afternoon
Katie lost to Hayley Mendez  0-3
Charlotte lost to Rebecca Quiney 2-3
Lauren lost to Ellie Jones 0-3
Andrea beat Carys Jones 3-2
Grace beat Claire Pulley 3-1

Yorkshire then faced  a play off for 7/8 the following day, against Warwickshire
Charlotte lost to Leonie Holt   2-3
Lauren  lost to Libby Cale 0-3
Andrea beat Olivia Gow 3-0
Grace Clark beat Lucy Green 3-2
Polly Clark beat Natalie Townend   3-2

Yorkshire will therefore sadly be relegated to play next season, though Charlotte and sisters Grace and Polly showed they well deserved a place in  making their debut to the senior squash league.

Final Positions;
Surrey 1