WOMENS OVER 50 Stage 2

The withdrawal of Lancashire who were hosting Stage 2 from our group in the IC league this season left the 3 remaining counties just 2 matches to play. Having beaten Worcestershire in October, Yorkshire and Warwickshire met at Abbeydale to play their match. With Julie Field away and Paula Arrowsmith in pot, the team was made up of Kate Fisher, Kim Chadwick and Sarah Percy.

Kate Fisher lost to Rachel Woolford   7/15  15/10   9/15   8/15

Kim Chadwick beat Sue Underwood  15/8  15/6    10/15    10/15   15/5

Sarah Percy beat Lucy Emsden          15/3    15/6    15/4

Having won both stages 1 and 2, the ladies are hopefully assured a place in the finals scheduled for March 3rd -4th  2018

l/r Kim, Sarah, Kate

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