Womens Over 50 Intercounty Finals

Yorkshire ladies were in action at the weekend, at Warwickshire Squash club, defending the WO50 title which they took in 2018. Unfortunately the team was missing several key players due to holidays and injuries so with a squad  of Andrea Santamaria, Julie Field and Julie Nevins, all from Pontefract, the ladies travelled down on Friday for a match at 9am on Saturday morning. Up first against Hertfordshire and in a 3-1-2 order of play, Julie Nevins- more used to playing the doubles game for the last 5 years- was catching up on the singles game again.  Andrea  dispatched her opponent followed by Julie Field who won and gave the match to Yorkshire. Saturday afternoon and a tougher match against a strong Welsh team, who have been champions many times in the past. However Yorkshire showed their true grit with victories from Andrea and Julie Field.

Following a lively evening at  the Warwickshire captain’s house where all the teams had been invited, Yorkshire then played old rivals Kent on Sunday morning. Julie Nevins just lost out to the experienced Karen Hume and Andrea then beat Mandy Aitkin. Again  the pressure was on Julie Field against  the youthful Candy Wilson. An exciting match with  a win for Candy gave Kent the title. 

An enjoyable weekend , played in the true spirit of the game.

Yorkshire v Hertfordshire
Andrea beat Gillian Lilico 15/4   15/7   11/15   15/2
Julie Field beat Isobel Smith  16/14   8/15   15/8   15/12
Julie Nevins lost to Sheila Blake 9/15   9/15   9/15

Yorkshire v S. Wales
Andrea beat Helen Barnard  15/2   16/6   8/15   13/15   15/10
Julie Field beat Gill Campion 15/10   15/11   6/15   15/13
Julie Nevins lost to Sian Johnson 9/15   6/15   7/15

Yorkshire v Kent
Andrea beat Mandy Aitkin  17/15   15/9   15/5
Julie Field lost to Candy Wilton  10/15   6/15   13/15
Julie Nevins lost to Karen Hume  3/15   5/15   8/15

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