Squash 101 Champions

‘In our ambition to increase the number of regular squash players we’re having a new push on Squash 101. Squash 101 is an alternative way to play squash aimed at newer squash players, who aren’t yet playing regularly, It’s a fun and social way of getting more people on court at once. For many, it’s a great way to start playing squash, and clubs and other venues can use Squash 101 as beginners community nights to introduce and welcome newer players to their group.

We’re looking to recruit a number of Squash 101 champions across the country who can drive the programme at a local level by forging links with universities, local leisure centres and squash clubs. As part of the role Squash 101 champions will organise a leaders course to train new Squash 101 leaders, and also deliver Squash 101 sessions.

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  • Could this be a role for somebody in your county or club?
  • Do you have someone who can drive the programme and see more people playing squash more regularly?

For club’s and county associations this could be a great opportunity to identify a person who can take the lead on this programme within your local area. Someone who can reach out to newer audiences and engage more people in squash activities, building a vibrant squash community.

If you have someone in mind do encourage them to have a look at the information:

apply online.

If you or any potential applicants have any questions please do get in touch. Contact:


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