Northern cup, Grove Park squash club Cheadle. 

A fabulous weekend of stunning squash played by all the competitors in this very old competition. 

The venue in Cheadle Hulme was full of players from , Yorkshire , Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria, Durham & Cleveland , Cheshire, Northumbria.

Categories were in school year groups , Yr 5 , Yr6, Yr7/8 , Yr 9/10.

The year five team of three players, James Townley , Seth Rudd and Leon Codrai. 

The year 9/10 players 6 players, Rahul Raglopar, Angus Robinson, , Emma Wilkinson, Zak Shaw, Jackson  Smalley, Cameron Mannon. 

First groups to play were Yr 5 and Yr9/10 on the Saturday Yorkshire v Lancashire to start off for both teams. A great start for both without dropping a game. Year 5s going straight towards the final without dropping a game.

 The Yr 9/10 having two new players to team squash, Jackson and Cameron both winning their first matches for Yorkshire.  Strong teams in this age group meant it was sometimes down to the Yorkshire number2 Zak Shaw in the last match to take the win for  the team . In the semi final the match against Ben Sugget of Durham and Cleveland , probably the hardest match of the day for team 9/10. It went to a final game of the final match for Zak and the team to get into the final. Zak fought hard to win 11/9 in the 5th game. 

In the final against the home side Cheshire it again came to the wire Cameron Mannon playing at 4 winning a vital match in final  match taking the win 14/12 in the 5th. Two games all and the 2s went onto court after Zak having won his match in the semi final , gave it everything but hadn’t enough to turn the match to Yorkshire , Cheshire win but a fabulous effort from everyone. 

in the pictures Year five and year 9/10

Day 2 Sunday at Grove Park.

Today the competition is the Yr 6 and 7/8 . 

Year 6 team are Tommy Simpson, Josh Wood, Jack Walker ,Tolisha Wanarkulasooriva , Louis Bolsover. 

The very strong Yr 6 team taking on teams of Northumbria, Cheshire, Cumbria, first up was Cumbria and a great start a full team player win. The next match up against a Great Cheshire side and taking them into the final placing . A win against Northumbria gave the year 6 team the Yr 6 northern cup trophy. Fabulous effort from them all.

Year 6 with myself.

The final match of the Northern Cup the year 7/8 were all up for the days matches against Cheshire , Northumbria,Lancashire, Merseyside.

The yr7/8 team were , Tom Smith, Will Holmes, Jacob Mullins-Brown, Holly Shepherd ,George Fearn and Thomas Hughes. 

First up was Cheshire and first team call up for Thomas Hughes meant nerves played a big part in his loss as the rest of the team went through the match winners at 4-1 . Next up a fabulous 5-0 match against Northumbria Thomas more relaxed and taking it 3-0 . 

Into the year 7/8 final with Merseyside ,Holly Shepherd starting with a 3-0 win and set the rest of the team off in winning ways. A huge 5-0 win for year 7/8 and an overall win for Yorkshire Squash. 

Narrowly beaten last year by Cheshire but it was almost a clean sweep for our juniors in Cheadle this year. Lots of new players entering this unique event , clubs represented by these great players, 

Collingham , Hallamshire, Fulwood, Pontefract, Harlow, CAS academy, HJSA Hull, Wiggington, Abbeydale, Clifton York. 

I also chose 9 new players to team squash for this weekend , they all played as a team and they all behaved impeccably both on and off the court. They also looked great in the team shirts. 

Derek Norris 
Yorkshire Junior Project Organiser,
Level 3 Advanced squash coach. 
Tel: 07882440329 

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