North West Yorkshire Junior Squash League

Collingham hosted the second round of The North West Yorkshire Junior Squash league.

The teams participating in today’s fixture were Collingham (11’s, 13’s, 15’s) Harlow (13’s, 15’s) Harrogate (15’s) and Dunnington (15’s).

Throughout the day many well contested matches took place. A quick summary of a few matches is below…

First matches on were Collingham vs Harlow, who made their debut into the Junior League two weeks ago. The first result came from a very promising young girl Holly Shepherd (Under 11), who played very accurately to beat a very fast Ella from Harlow.

Collingham under 15’s looked eager for their match to be over as all three boys won comfortably.

Harrogate straight off the rugby pitch and straight onto the squash court showed great athleticism as they came through victors over Dunnington.

The next match was a tight encounter between Harrogate and Collingham. Every player giving 100%, in every rally, providing some excellent viewing for the local spectators. Ben Wightman coming through 2/1 after losing the first. And then Eddie Murray sealed then victory for the home team.

Almost simultaneously Dunnington pulled through a close victory over Harlow under 15’s with Adam and Emma Purdy winning and Billy Saunders coming through at the end, giving Dunnington at 3/0 win.

Collingham went on to beat Dunnington 2/1, with Dunnington’s Emma showing some great Squash against local Josh.

Hopefully the enthusiasm and determination can be shown for the remaining matches to give us a successful Junior League.

A big thank you to all parents and supporters for today’s matches! It was a pleasure to organise

Alex Hodgetts

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