It is a condition of our sponsorship from Allam that all players representing Yorkshire are required to wear an official shirt. See new shirt for 2018/19 below.

These can be purchased from iProSports via their website.

Each shirt costs £24 Senior, and £20 Junior, but the Yorkshire SRA gives a subsidy of £10, for the first shirt. Additional shirts must be purchased at the full price.

You should forward the invoice from iProSports to the Yorkshire SRA Treasurer, Peter Keen, ( giving the difference between the full cost and the amount you have collected or are owed by the players.

Alternatively, send this information by post with a copy of the invoice to Peter Keen, 236, Dobcroft Road, Sheffield S11 9LJ. He will reimburse you either by cheque through the post or, if you give your bank details, by credit transfer.