Development Squad in action in South Yorkshire

Fulwood Squash Club staged the South Yorkshire Regional training session led by coaches John Mullins (Fulwood), Jason Fearn (Hallamshire), Sam Gardiner (Hallamshire) and John Potter (Hallamshire). This training was sponsored and supported by S&D squash league.

Nineteen players attended with some of the players as young as 9 years old.

The players were split into five groups with each group practising different shots and players moving round each court to change the routines.

A fifth group taught the juniors tactics and how to apply the shots they had learnt. It was pleasing to see that some of the players are now trying to put what they had learnt into practice.

John Mullins produced notes for each player to take home with them.

Players involved:
Sam Davey
Joel Gardiner
Jamie Gardiner
Alec Tomlinson
Sam Tomlinson
Mark Poyner
Joe Poyner
Fergus Hunt
Euan Hunt
George Camp
Sac Shaw
Josh Payne
Elliott Broadwell
Emma Wilkinson
George Fearn
Alana Fearn
Samuel Baughen
Jago Musgrove
Rebecca Miller

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