The availability of trained Coaches is probably the single most important factor in promoting participation in squash, and in enabling and encouraging players to continue playing on a regular basis by giving them the skills to have a good game. Yorkshire Squash has therefore updated its contact list of currently qualified Coaches in the county, and is using it to keep them informed and encouraged to be active, in a number of ways, led by different members of the Yorkshire Committee

Nicky Horn maintains the contact list of Coaches and, with Peter Keen, liaises with England Squash to keep it up to date. Nicky also co-ordinates the circulation of information to the list. For example, Coaches were asked to recommend to the County’s Inter-County Team Managers any players they considered worthy for consideration for selection in the teams for the forthcoming competition

Nicky also acts as Yorkshire Squash’s liaison with England Squash over women’s coaching matters

Mark Shipley’s role is to encourage Coaches to undertake (further) training by informing them about upcoming training courses and liaising with England Squash about the provision of further courses in the county. Mark is qualified to act as a tutor for some of the courses. Yorkshire Squash also assists Coaches financially to undertake (further) training, conditional on them committing to working with one or more of the County’s Inter-County Junior teams for a specified period of time

Peter Keen focusses on the developmental role of Coaches, which has two aspects, firstly by linking them with venues with squash courts who can make use of any spare capacity, secondly by supporting financially any additional coaching activity which brings new players into the game and/or aims to develop players skills and retain them in the game in the longer term. Funding support to Coaches, whether for training or developmental activity, is restricted to Coaches who are registered with England Squash or who meet the requirements of a registered Coach as regards having passed a recognised Coaching course, DBS checks, First Aid Certificates and Insurance cover

For contact details for the above, see the Committee list under Committee and Volunteers

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