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Last Saturday, at Pontefract, Yorkshire ladies played in the final of WO50 IC which had been rescheduled from March due to severe weather conditions. The Monrad tournament included Kent (holders),Yorkshire, Avon and Hertfordshire.

TheYorkshireteam throughout the season had comprised Nicola Horn, Kate Fisher, Julie Field, Kim Chadwickand Sarah Percy. The team was strengthened by a new O50, Andrea Santamaria.

The team met Avon first and gained maximum points with a 3-0 win;

  • 1 Andrea beat Pippa Green 15/8 16/14 15/0
  • 2 Kate Fisher beat Eunice Bond 15/11 15/12 15/12
  • 3 Julie beat Ann Manley 15/11 16/14 15/0


The final was then set up for a tough match against Kent who had beaten Hertfordshire.

3rd string went on court first and Julie just lost out to Karen Hurn in a close tie

11/15 15/7 10/15 9/15

Andrea at 1st string had a comfortable win against Mandy Akin

15/7 15/8 15/11

So at 1-1 all, the final result rested on Nikki who came through after a close match to win

7/15 16/14 18/16 15/9

With a 2-1 total, the trophy went to Yorkshire, last held in 2013 and 2014

The final placings were

Driving Confidence in Female Coaches

Last Saturday Yorkshire Squash led the way to empowering female coaches. Delivered by a specialist training company, Sport and Beyond, the 3 hour workshop titled ‘Confidence – Building it, Communicating it’ was held in Hull in conjunction with Allam British Open.

The Squash Girls Can project recognises the need for more female role models and coaches. One of the reasons given for a lack of female coaches is confidence so driving confidence in females is a significant part of the solution.

The course started with a focus on self awareness. Each coach was asked to complete a Thomas PPA assessment prior to the programme (a simple, easy to use assessment which takes about 8-10 minutes to complete online and is carried out by over 1.5 million individuals per annum). Using the DISC framework it assesses the strengths at work of each coach. The assessments were really accurate and so individual.

Having established our strengths in the coaching arena we then sought to consider how this affects our behaviour with our players and with other coaches. Firstly we ran a competition in groups and then we considered different coaching scenarios, and the effect on our players and other coaches.

Looking at how to embed these strengths we considered a growth mindset approach to our coaching – having the confidence to try new ideas, maybe fail at times but learning from this set back in order to improve. 

The final session looked at communication skills – can you believe that talking means less than our  body language and the tone we use? Try it and you can see the result.

Overall everyone enjoyed the day.
Here are some comments:
“Really enjoyed the morning and it certainly made me more aware of myself. I feel I now need to get my thoughts more in order so I can use it to improve myself as a coach practically. Thanks so much for the opportunity and guidance” 

“Extremely interesting content. Thought provoking. Delivered in a very supportive and fun atmosphere. Thank you – a well worthwhile morning”

Sport and Beyond deliver workshops in confidence and self awareness to a wide range of organisations throughout business, sport and education. They work with individuals and teams, with a focus throughout on driving high performance. Their female coaches course can be delivered nationally and internationally depending on your needs.

For more information contact







  • A Grade– County League Top Division. Top 16 (two matches Saturday two matches Sunday)
  • B Grade– County League
  • C/D Grade– Local League and club players


  • 1stPlace £400
  • 2ndPlace £250
  • 3rdPlace £125
  • 4thPlace £50
  • 5thPlace 25

ENTRY FEE:  £20.

Payment can be made by Cheque payable to C.A.L.T. & SC or via debit/credit card through Chapel A reception on 0113 22 666 22.


Tel No: 07957 665323

Chapel Allerton Tennis and Squash Club Wensley Ave, Leeds, LS7 3QX, Tel No 0113 2266622


Peter Edwards

Head Coach for Squash & Racketball
Chapel Allerton Tennis, Squash & Gym
Academy of Rackets Director
Racketball Tournament Series For All




                    ENTRY FORM

Please complete the attached form and return it to the tournament organiser at the time of payment.


The entry fee is £20. 

Payment can be made by Cheque payable to C.A.L.T. & SC or via debit/credit card through Chapel A reception on 0113 22 666 22.


Tournament Organiser: Peter Edwards

Tel No: 07957 665323



  1. Monrad Event players to play 4 matches each.  
  2. Grade standards will be adjusted dependant on entries received.
  3. All players shall wear clothing suitable for squash. 
  4. Players will be expected to mark/referee some matches throughout the competition.
  5. The tournament organiser’s decision is final.
  6. Finalists are expected to attend presentations. If, in exceptional circumstances they are unable to do so, they should personally explain this and thank the sponsor and organiser before leaving.
  7. All players should report to tournament desk 20 minutes prior to their match start time.
  8. The England Squash code of conduct shall apply.
  9. All matches will be played using PAR (point a rally) scoring to 11. If the score reaches 10 all, a tie break will operate, the winner needing a lead of 2 clear points.


A Grade         County League Top Division     Top 16 (two matches Saturday two matches Sunday)  

B Grade         County League C/D Grade    Local League and club players                                 


1st Place £400 2nd Place £250 3rd Place £125

4th Place £50 5th place 25




Please complete the following details at the time of payment or direct to the tournament organiser.

Full Name
Current Club
E-mail Address
Contact Number
Preferred Grade
Ability Guide (e.g. ranking / team information)


Squash 101 Champions

‘In our ambition to increase the number of regular squash players we’re having a new push on Squash 101. Squash 101 is an alternative way to play squash aimed at newer squash players, who aren’t yet playing regularly, It’s a fun and social way of getting more people on court at once. For many, it’s a great way to start playing squash, and clubs and other venues can use Squash 101 as beginners community nights to introduce and welcome newer players to their group.

We’re looking to recruit a number of Squash 101 champions across the country who can drive the programme at a local level by forging links with universities, local leisure centres and squash clubs. As part of the role Squash 101 champions will organise a leaders course to train new Squash 101 leaders, and also deliver Squash 101 sessions.

Find out more.

  • Could this be a role for somebody in your county or club?
  • Do you have someone who can drive the programme and see more people playing squash more regularly?

For club’s and county associations this could be a great opportunity to identify a person who can take the lead on this programme within your local area. Someone who can reach out to newer audiences and engage more people in squash activities, building a vibrant squash community.

If you have someone in mind do encourage them to have a look at the information:

apply online.

If you or any potential applicants have any questions please do get in touch. Contact:

Women’s Premier Inter-county Finals

Yorkshire ladies were in action at the weekend, as runners up last season and unfortunately without Fiona Moverley who was unavailable.  

The team met Leicestershire to start with and were narrowly beaten 3-2.
Katie Smith lost to Lily Taylor 1-3
Charlotte Jagger lost to Mari Taylor 1-3
Lauren Gray lost to Rachel Calver  2-3
Andrea Santamaria beat Leanne Herbert  3-1
Grace Clark beat Charlotte Fish 3-1

The ladies then faced Gloucestershire in the afternoon
Katie lost to Hayley Mendez  0-3
Charlotte lost to Rebecca Quiney 2-3
Lauren lost to Ellie Jones 0-3
Andrea beat Carys Jones 3-2
Grace beat Claire Pulley 3-1

Yorkshire then faced  a play off for 7/8 the following day, against Warwickshire
Charlotte lost to Leonie Holt   2-3
Lauren  lost to Libby Cale 0-3
Andrea beat Olivia Gow 3-0
Grace Clark beat Lucy Green 3-2
Polly Clark beat Natalie Townend   3-2

Yorkshire will therefore sadly be relegated to play next season, though Charlotte and sisters Grace and Polly showed they well deserved a place in  making their debut to the senior squash league.

Final Positions;
Surrey 1